Week Date Time Place away_team home_team division notes
1Monday October 03 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiSunsTarheelsBiddy
1Monday October 03 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiOrangeMagicBiddy
1Monday October 03 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiVikingsRaptorsBiddy
1Monday October 03 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiGrizzliesRavensBiddy
1Monday October 03 20225:30CathedralCelticsWarriorsGraduate
1Monday October 03 20226:30CathedralBullsHawksGraduate
1Monday October 03 20227:30CathedralSixersHeatGraduate
1Tuesday Oct 4 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiMustangsWildcatsLittle Guys
1Tuesday Oct 4 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksTarheelsLittle Guys
1Tuesday Oct 4 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiRebelsHuskiesLittle Guys
1Tuesday Oct 4 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackHoosiersLittle Guys
1Wednesday Oct 5 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiStingCometsGirls
1Wednesday Oct 5 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiStormMonarchsGirls
1Wednesday Oct 5 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiMercuryLibertyGirls
1Wednesday Oct 5 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiSparksStarzzGirls
1Thursday Oct 6 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiLionsTigersLittle Gals
1Thursday Oct 6 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsAztecsLittle Gals
1Thursday Oct 6 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiRebelsRockersLittle Gals
1Thursday Oct 6 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsSlammersLittle Gals
2Monday Oct 10 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiTBATBABiddyNo Games - Thanksgiving
2Monday Oct 10 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiTBATBABiddyNo Games - Thanksgiving
2Monday Oct 10 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiTBATBABiddyNo Games - Thanksgiving
2Monday Oct 10 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiTBATBABiddyNo Games - Thanksgiving
2Monday Oct 10 20225:30CathedralTBATBAGraduateNo Games - Thanksgiving
2Monday Oct 10 20226:30CathedralTBATBAGraduateNo Games - Thanksgiving
2Monday Oct 10 20227:30CathedralTBATBAGraduateNo Games - Thanksgiving
2Tuesday Oct. 11 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiRebelsTarheelsLittle Guys
2Tuesday Oct. 11 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiWildcatsHoosiersLittle Guys
2Tuesday Oct. 11 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackMustangsLittle Guys
2Tuesday Oct. 11 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksHuskiesLittle Guys
2Wednesday Oct 12 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiStormStarzzGirls
2Wednesday Oct 12 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiStingLibertyGirls
2Wednesday Oct 12 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiSparksMonarchsGirls
2Wednesday Oct 12 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiMercuryCometsGirls
2Thursday Oct.13 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiRebelsAztecsLittle Gals
2Thursday Oct.13 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiTigersSlammersLittle Gals
2Thursday Oct.13 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsLionsLittle Gals
2Thursday Oct.13 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsRockersLittle Gals
1Friday October 14 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiOrangeRavensBiddyBiddy games from Thanksgiving
1Friday October 14 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiSunsVikingsBiddyBiddy games from Thanksgiving
1Friday October 14 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiGrizzliesTarheelsBiddyBiddy games from Thanksgiving
1Friday October 14 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiMagicRaptorsBiddyBiddy games from Thanksgiving
3Monday Oct 17 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiMagicGrizzliesBiddy
3Monday Oct 17 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiRavensRaptorsBiddy
3Monday Oct 17 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiVikingsTarheelsBiddy
3Monday Oct 17 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiSunsOrangeBiddy
3Monday Oct 17 20225:30CathedralHawksSixersGraduate
3Monday Oct 17 20226:30CathedralWarriorsBullsGraduate
3Monday Oct 17 20227:30CathedralCelticsHeatGraduate
3Tuesday Oct.18 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiMustangsHoosiersLittle Guys
3Tuesday Oct.18 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksRebelsLittle Guys
3Tuesday Oct.18 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiTarheelsHuskiesLittle Guys
3Tuesday Oct.18 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiWildcatsWolfpackLittle Guys
3Wednesday Oct 19 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiStarzzLibertyGirls
3Wednesday Oct 19 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiSparksMercuryGirls
3Wednesday Oct 19 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiStormStingGirls
3Wednesday Oct 19 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiCometsMonarchsGirls
3Thursday Oct 20 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiLionsSlammersLittle Gals
3Thursday Oct 20 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsRebelsLittle Gals
3Thursday Oct 20 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiAztecsRockersLittle Gals
3Thursday Oct 20 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiTigersMonarchsLittle Gals
4Monday Oct.24 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiVikingsOrangeBiddy
4Monday Oct.24 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiMagicRavensBiddy
4Monday Oct.24 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiSunsGrizzliesBiddy
4Monday Oct.24 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiTarheelsRaptorsBiddy
4Monday Oct.24 20225:30CathedralSixersCelticsGraduate
4Monday Oct.24 20226:30CathedralBullsHeatGraduate
4Monday Oct.24 20227:30CathedralWarriorsHawksGraduate
4Tuesday Oct.25 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackHuskiesLittle Guys
4Tuesday Oct.25 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiRebelsMustangsLittle Guys
4Tuesday Oct.25 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksWildcatsLittle Guys
4Tuesday Oct.25 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiHoosiersTarheelsLittle Guys
4Wednesday Oct.26 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiSparksCometsGirls
4Wednesday Oct.26 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiStormLibertyGirls
4Wednesday Oct.26 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiMercuryStarzzGirls
4Wednesday Oct.26 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiStingMonarchsGirls
4Thursday Oct.27 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsRockersLittle Gals
4Thursday Oct.27 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiRebelsLionsLittle Gals
4Thursday Oct.27 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsTigersLittle Gals
4Thursday Oct.27 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiSlammersAztecsLittle Gals
5Monday Oct 31 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiTBATBABiddyNo Games - Halloween
5Monday Oct 31 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiTBATBABiddyNo Games - Halloween
5Monday Oct 31 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiTBATBABiddyNo Games - Halloween
5Monday Oct 31 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiTBATBABiddyNo Games - Halloween
5Monday Oct 31 20225:30CathedralTBATBAGraduateNo Games - Halloween
5Monday Oct 31 20226:30CathedralTBATBAGraduateNo Games - Halloween
5Monday Oct 31 20227:30CathedralTBATBAGraduateNo Games - Halloween
5Tuesday Nov 1 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksWolfpackLittle Guys
5Tuesday Nov 1 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiHuskiesWildcatsLittle Guys
5Tuesday Nov 1 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiHoosiersRebelsLittle Guys
5Tuesday Nov 1 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiMustangsTarheelsLittle Guys
5Wednesday Nov. 2 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiMercuryMonarchsGirls
5Wednesday Nov. 2 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiStormCometsGirls
5Wednesday Nov. 2 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiSparksLibertyGirls
5Wednesday Nov. 2 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiStingStarzzGirls
5Thursday Nov. 3 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsMonarchsLittle Gals
5Thursday Nov. 3 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiRockersTigersLittle Gals
5Thursday Nov. 3 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiSlammersRebelsLittle Gals
5Thursday Nov. 3 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiLionsAztecsLittle Gals
6Monday Nov. 7 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiRavensTarheelsBiddy
6Monday Nov. 7 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiSunsMagicBiddy
6Monday Nov. 7 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiVikingsGrizzliesBiddy
6Monday Nov. 7 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiOrangeRaptorsBiddy
6Monday Nov. 7 20225:30CathedralHawksBullsGraduate
6Monday Nov. 7 20226:30CathedralHeatSixersGraduate
6Monday Nov. 7 20227:30CathedralWarriorsCelticsGraduate
6Tuesday Nov. 8 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiHoosiersJayhawksLittle Guys
6Tuesday Nov. 8 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackTarheelsLittle Guys
6Tuesday Nov. 8 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiHuskiesMustangsLittle Guys
6Tuesday Nov. 8 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiRebelsWildcatsLittle Guys
6Wednesday Nov. 9 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiStarzzCometsGirls
6Wednesday Nov. 9 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiSparksStingGirls
6Wednesday Nov. 9 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiStormMercuryGirls
6Wednesday Nov. 9 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsLibertyGirls
6Thursday Nov. 10 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiSlammersGolden GalsLittle Gals
6Thursday Nov. 10 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsAztecsLittle Gals
6Thursday Nov. 10 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiRockersRockersLittle Gals
6Thursday Nov. 10 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiRebelsTigersLittle Gals
7Monday Nov 14 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiGrizzliesRaptorsBiddy
7Monday Nov 14 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiMagicVikingsBiddy
7Monday Nov 14 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiTarheelsOrangeBiddy
7Monday Nov 14 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiRavensSunsBiddy
7Monday Nov 14 20225:30CathedralCelticsHawksGraduate
7Monday Nov 14 20226:30CathedralHeatWarriorsGraduate
7Monday Nov 14 20227:30CathedralBullsSixersGraduate
7Tuesday Nov. 15 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiWildcatsTarheelsLittle Guys
7Tuesday Nov. 15 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiHuskiesHoosiersLittle Guys
7Tuesday Nov. 15 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiRebelsWolfpackLittle Guys
7Tuesday Nov. 15 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksMustangsLittle Guys
7Wednesday Nov. 16 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiStarzzMonarchsGirls
7Wednesday Nov. 16 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiLibertyCometsGirls
7Wednesday Nov. 16 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiMercuryStingGirls
7Wednesday Nov. 16 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiStormSparksGirls
7Thursday Nov. 17 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiTigersAztecsLittle Gals
7Thursday Nov. 17 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiRockersSlammersLittle Gals
7Thursday Nov. 17 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiRebelsMonarchsLittle Gals
7Thursday Nov. 17 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsLionsLittle Gals
8Monday Nov.21 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiMagicRaptorsBiddy
8Monday Nov.21 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiOrangeRavensBiddy
8Monday Nov.21 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiSunsVikingsBiddy
8Monday Nov.21 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiGrizzliesTarheelsBiddy
8Monday Nov.21 20225:30CathedralBullsWarriorsGraduate
8Monday Nov.21 20226:30CathedralHeatCelticsGraduate
8Monday Nov.21 20227:30CathedralSixersHawksGraduate
8Tuesday Nov. 22 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackHoosiersLittle Guys
8Tuesday Nov. 22 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiMustangsWildcatsLittle Guys
8Tuesday Nov. 22 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksTarheelsLittle Guys
8Tuesday Nov. 22 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiRebelsHuskiesLittle Guys
8Wednesday Nov.23 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiCometsStingGirls
8Wednesday Nov.23 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsStormGirls
8Wednesday Nov.23 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiLibertyMercuryGirls
8Wednesday Nov.23 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiStarzzSparksGirls
8Thursday Nov.24 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsSlammersLittle Gals
8Thursday Nov.24 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiLionsTigersLittle Gals
8Thursday Nov.24 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsAztecsLittle Gals
8Thursday Nov.24 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiRebelsRockersLittle Gals
9Monday Nov.28 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiOrangeSunsBiddy
9Monday Nov.28 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiTarheelsVikingsBiddy
9Monday Nov.28 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiRaptorsRavensBiddy
9Monday Nov.28 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiGrizzliesMagicBiddy
9Monday Nov.28 20225:30CathedralCelticsSixersGraduate
9Monday Nov.28 20226:30CathedralHawksWarriorsGraduate
9Monday Nov.28 20227:30CathedralBullsHeatGraduate
9Tuesday Nov.29 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiRebelsTarheelsLittle Guys
9Tuesday Nov.29 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksHuskiesLittle Guys
9Tuesday Nov.29 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiWildcatsHoosiersLittle Guys
9Tuesday Nov.29 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackMustangsLittle Guys
9Wednesday Nov 30 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiStormMercuryGirls
9Wednesday Nov 30 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiSparksStingGirls
9Wednesday Nov 30 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiStarzzCometsGirls
9Wednesday Nov 30 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiLibertyMonarchsGirls
9Thursday Dec. 1 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiRebelsAztecsLittle Gals
9Thursday Dec. 1 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsRockersLittle Gals
9Thursday Dec. 1 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiTigersSlammersLittle Gals
9Thursday Dec. 1 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsLionsLittle Gals
10Monday Dec. 5 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiGrizzliesRavensBiddy
10Monday Dec. 5 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiOrangeMagicBiddy
10Monday Dec. 5 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiSunsTarheelsBiddy
10Monday Dec. 5 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiVikingsRaptorsBiddy
10Monday Dec. 5 20225:30CathedralWarriorsSixersGraduate
10Monday Dec. 5 20226:30CathedralBullsCelticsGraduate
10Monday Dec. 5 20227:30CathedralHawksHeatGraduate
10Tuesday Dec.6 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiTarheelsHuskiesLittle Guys
10Tuesday Dec.6 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackWildcatsLittle Guys
10Tuesday Dec.6 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiMustangsHoosiersLittle Guys
10Tuesday Dec.6 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksRebelsLittle Guys
10Wednesday Dec.7 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiSparksLibertyGirls
10Wednesday Dec.7 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiStarzzMercuryGirls
10Wednesday Dec.7 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiCometsMonarchsGirls
10Wednesday Dec.7 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiStormStingGirls
10Thursday Dec.8 20226:00St. Francis of AssisiAztecsRockersLittle Gals
10Thursday Dec.8 20226:45St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsTigersLittle Gals
10Thursday Dec.8 20227:30St. Francis of AssisiLionsSlammersLittle Gals
10Thursday Dec.8 20228:15St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsRebelsLittle Gals
2Monday Dec. 12 20225:30CathedralSixersBullsGraduateRescheduled games from Thanksgiving
2Monday Dec. 12 20226:30CathedralHawksCelticsGraduateRescheduled games from Thanksgiving
2Monday Dec. 12 20227:30CathedralHeatWarriorsGraduateRescheduled games from Thanksgiving
11Monday Jan 9 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiGrizzliesOrangeBiddy
11Monday Jan 9 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiTarheelsMagicBiddy
11Monday Jan 9 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiVikingsRavensBiddy
11Monday Jan 9 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiRaptorsSunsBiddy
11Monday Jan 9 20235:30CathedralHeatHawksGraduate
11Monday Jan 9 20236:30CathedralBullsWarriorsGraduate
11Monday Jan 9 20237:30CathedralCelticsSixersGraduate
11Tuesday Jan 10 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksWildcatsLittle Guys
11Tuesday Jan 10 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiRebelsMustangsLittle Guys
11Tuesday Jan 10 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackHuskiesLittle Guys
11Tuesday Jan 10 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiHoosiersTarheelsLittle Guys
11Wednesday Jan 11 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiStormMonarchsGirls
11Wednesday Jan 11 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiSparksStarzzGirls
11Wednesday Jan 11 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiStingCometsGirls
11Wednesday Jan 11 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiMecuryLibertyGirls
11Thursday Jan.12 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsTigersLittle Gals
11Thursday Jan.12 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiRebelsLionsLittle Gals
11Thursday Jan.12 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsRockersLittle Gals
11Thursday Jan.12 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiSlammersAztecsLittle Gals
12Monday Jan 16 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiTarheelsRaptorsBiddy
12Monday Jan 16 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiMagicRavensBiddy
12Monday Jan 16 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiSunsGrizzliesBiddy
12Monday Jan 16 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiVikingsOrangeBiddy
12Monday Jan 16 20235:30CathedralCelticsWarriorsGraduate
12Monday Jan 16 20236:30CathedralSixersHeatGraduate
12Monday Jan 16 20237:30CathedralHawksBullsGraduate
12Tuesday Jan 17 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiRebelsHoosiersLittle Guys
12Tuesday Jan 17 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksWolfpackLittle Guys
12Tuesday Jan 17 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiMustangsTarheelsLittle Guys
12Tuesday Jan 17 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiHuskiesWildcatsLittle Guys
12Wednesday Jan 18 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiStingLibertyGirls
12Wednesday Jan 18 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiStormStarzzGirls
12Wednesday Jan 18 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiSparksMonarchsGirls
12Wednesday Jan 18 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiMecuryCometsGirls
12Thursday Jan 19 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiRebelsSlammersLittle Gals
12Thursday Jan 19 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsMonarchsLittle Gals
12Thursday Jan 19 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiLionsAztecsLittle Gals
12Thursday Jan 19 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiRockersTigersLittle Gals
13Monday Jan 23 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiSunsMagicBiddy
13Monday Jan 23 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiRavensTarheelsBiddy
13Monday Jan 23 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiVikingsGrizzliesBiddy
13Monday Jan 23 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiOrangeRaptorsBiddy
13Monday Jan 23 20235:30CathedralSixersHawksGraduate
13Monday Jan 23 20236:30CathedralCelticsBullsGraduate
13Monday Jan 23 20237:30CathedralWarriorsHeatGraduate
13Tuesday Jan 24 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiMustangsHuskiesLittle Guys
13Tuesday Jan 24 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackTarheelsLittle Guys
13Tuesday Jan 24 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksHoosiersLittle Guys
13Tuesday Jan 24 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiRebelsWildcatsLittle Guys
13Wednesday Jan 25 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiSparksMercuryGirls
13Wednesday Jan 25 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiCometsMonarchsGirls
13Wednesday Jan 25 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiStarzzLibertyGirls
13Wednesday Jan 25 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiStormStingGirls
13Thursday Jan 26 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiLionsRockersLittle Gals
13Thursday Jan 26 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsAztecsLittle Gals
13Thursday Jan 26 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsSlammersLittle Gals
13Thursday Jan 26 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiRebelsTigersLittle Gals
14Monday Jan 30 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiGrizzliesOrangeBiddy
14Monday Jan 30 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiVikingsRavensBiddy
14Monday Jan 30 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiRaptorsSunsBiddy
14Monday Jan 30 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiTarheelsMagicBiddy
14Monday Jan 30 20235:30CathedralWarriorsBullsGraduate
14Monday Jan 30 20236:30CathedralHeatSixersGraduate
14Monday Jan 30 20237:30CathedralCelticsHawksGraduate
14Tuesday Jan 31 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiRebelsWolfpackLittle Guys
14Tuesday Jan 31 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiHoosiersHuskiesLittle Guys
14Tuesday Jan 31 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiWildcatsTarheelsLittle Guys
14Tuesday Jan 31 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksMustangsLittle Guys
14Wednesday Feb 1 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiStingMonarchsGirls
14Wednesday Feb 1 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiMecuryStarzzGirls
14Wednesday Feb 1 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiStormLibertyGirls
14Wednesday Feb 1 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiSparksCometsGirls
14Thursday Feb 2 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiRebelsMonarchsLittle Gals
14Thursday Feb 2 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiSlammersRockersLittle Gals
14Thursday Feb 2 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiTigersAztecsLittle Gals
14Thursday Feb 2 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsLionsLittle Gals
15Monday Feb 6 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiVikingsOrangeBiddy
15Monday Feb 6 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiTarheelsRaptorsBiddy
15Monday Feb 6 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiMagicRavensBiddy
15Monday Feb 6 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiSunsGrizzliesBiddy
15Monday Feb 6 20235:30CathedralCelticsHawksGraduate
15Monday Feb 6 20236:30CathedralWarriorsBullsGraduate
15Monday Feb 6 20237:30CathedralHeatSixersGraduate
15Tuesday Feb 7 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiMustangsWildcatsLittle Guys
15Tuesday Feb 7 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiTarheelsJayhawksLittle Guys
15Tuesday Feb 7 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiHuskiesRebelsLittle Guys
15Tuesday Feb 7 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackHoosiersLittle Guys
15Wednesday Feb. 8 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiSparksLibertyGirls
15Wednesday Feb. 8 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiMecuryMonarchsGirls
15Wednesday Feb. 8 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiStormCometsGirls
15Wednesday Feb. 8 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiStingStarzzGirls
15Thursday Feb. 9 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiLionsTigersLittle Gals
15Thursday Feb. 9 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiAztecsGolden GalsLittle Gals
15Thursday Feb. 9 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiRockersRebelsLittle Gals
15Thursday Feb. 9 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsSlammersLittle Gals
16Monday Feb 13 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiGrizzliesRaptorsBiddy
16Monday Feb 13 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiRavensSunsBiddy
16Monday Feb 13 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiTarheelsOrangeBiddy
16Monday Feb 13 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiMagicVikingsBiddy
16Monday Feb 13 20235:30CathedralWarriorsBullsGraduate
16Monday Feb 13 20236:30CathedralCelticsSixersGraduate
16Monday Feb 13 20237:30CathedralHawksHeatGraduate
16Tuesday Feb 14 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksHuskiesLittle Guys
16Tuesday Feb 14 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiRebelsTarheelsLittle Guys
16Tuesday Feb 14 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiWildcatsHoosiersLittle Guys
16Tuesday Feb 14 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackMustangsLittle Guys
16Wednesday Feb. 15 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiStarzzCometsGirls
16Wednesday Feb. 15 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiSparksStingGirls
16Wednesday Feb. 15 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsLibertyGirls
16Wednesday Feb. 15 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiStormMercuryGirls
16Thursday Feb. 16 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsRockersLittle Gals
16Thursday Feb. 16 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiRebelsAztecsLittle Gals
16Thursday Feb. 16 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiTigersSlammersLittle Gals
16Thursday Feb. 16 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsLionsLittle Gals
17Monday Feb 20 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiSunsVikingsBiddy
17Monday Feb 20 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiMagicRaptorsBiddy
17Monday Feb 20 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiOrangeRavensBiddy
17Monday Feb 20 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiGrizzliesTarheelsBiddy
17Monday Feb 20 20235:30CathedralHeatWarriorsGraduate
17Monday Feb 20 20236:30CathedralCelticsBullsGraduate
17Monday Feb 20 20237:30CathedralSixersHawksGraduate
17Tuesday Feb 21 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackWildcatsLittle Guys
17Tuesday Feb 21 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiHoosiersMustangsLittle Guys
17Tuesday Feb 21 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksRebelsLittle Guys
17Tuesday Feb 21 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiTarheelsHuskiesLittle Guys
17Wednesday Feb. 22 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiStarzzMonarchsGirls
17Wednesday Feb. 22 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiLibertyCometsGirls
17Wednesday Feb. 22 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiMecuryStingGirls
17Wednesday Feb. 22 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiStormSparksGirls
17Thursday Feb. 23 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsTigersLittle Gals
17Thursday Feb. 23 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiSlammersLionsLittle Gals
17Thursday Feb. 23 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsRebelsLittle Gals
17Thursday Feb. 23 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiAztecsRockersLittle Gals
18Monday Feb 27 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiOrangeMagicBiddy
18Monday Feb 27 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiGrizzliesRavensBiddy
18Monday Feb 27 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiVikingsRaptorsBiddy
18Monday Feb 27 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiSunsTarheelsBiddy
18Monday Feb 27 20235:30CathedralBullsWarriorsGraduate
18Monday Feb 27 20236:30CathedralHeatSixersGraduate
18Monday Feb 27 20237:30CathedralCelticsHawksGraduate
18Tuesday Feb. 28 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiHoosiersTarheelsLittle Guys
18Tuesday Feb. 28 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiMustangsRebelsLittle Guys
18Tuesday Feb. 28 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiWolfpackHuskiesLittle Guys
18Tuesday Feb. 28 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiJayhawksWildcatsLittle Guys
18Wednesday Mar.1 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiMecuryStormGirls
18Wednesday Mar.1 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiCometsMonarchsGirls
18Wednesday Mar.1 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiStarzzSparksGirls
18Wednesday Mar.1 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiLibertyStingGirls
18Thursday Mar.2 20236:00St. Francis of AssisiSlammersAztecsLittle Gals
18Thursday Mar.2 20236:45St. Francis of AssisiLionsRebelsLittle Gals
18Thursday Mar.2 20237:30St. Francis of AssisiMonarchsRockersLittle Gals
18Thursday Mar.2 20238:15St. Francis of AssisiGolden GalsTigersLittle Gals